(Update 17 May 2020)

We are pleased to advise that limited access to ERC members for the strict purposes of outdoor training in single sculls only is possible from Monday 18th May provided you adhere strictly to the requirements and procedures outlined below.


1)     ERC cannot be used for any other purpose than for the strict purposes of outdoor training in single sculls.

2)     No training or coaching if unwell, from any form of illness, not simply COVID-19 symptoms.  If unwell, you must comply with Victorian Government requirements and stay at home

3)     A maximum of 10 people in total at the Club in addition to the Coach (including on and off water) at any one time.

4)     A 'Safety Officer' must be present at all times during rowers attendance at the club (see below for further details). 

5)     Members participating in outdoor training can only use the designated areas of the club (see below for further details).

6)     Only coaches or scullers (approved by the Captain) are to have access to the Club.

7)     Junior scullers are only allowed to train in a squad environment with a coach present.

8)     All persons must comply with government social distancing rules including maintaining a 1.5m distance between themselves and others at all times whilst at ERC

9)     Any non-rowing members and family/friends of members must not attend the clubhouse.  This includes socialising/mingling outside clubhouse.  Please remain in vehicles when dropping off/picking up scullers.

10)  To manage the number of scullers/coaches using the club per session, ALL scullers (including private scull owners) and coaches must make a request at least 24 hours ahead of time to the Captain.  Requests will be through the online boat allocation system.  Only attend the club once direct approval by Captain has been issued. 

11)  All rowers/coaches must sign in and out of the rowers logbook for each session, to facilitate contact tracing should such be required.

12)  Rowers and coaches are encouraged to bring their own prefilled water bottle to training to avoid unnecessary contact with taps onsite.

Safety Officer:

13)  A 'Safety Officer' must be present at all times during scullers attendance at the club.  The Safety Officer must comply and complete the Safety Officers checklist after every session.  If training alone, scullers must undertake the role of the safety officer.

14)  A safety officer for each approved session will be nominated by the Captain at the time of confirming the booking request.

15)  Only one safety officer will be appointed per nominated session.  All members must adhere to the safety officer’s instructions.  All scullers must be off the water and boats packed away prior to the end of the session.

Approved sculling sessions

16)  Those members who have received approval by the Captain to train must attend the club at the nominated session times only.

17)  Note that squad training sessions and participants will be confirmed for each week ahead (Monday to Sunday).  Members wishing to train will need to plan ahead and express their interest to participate in their applicable squad sessions via Sports Notice Board.

18)  There will be a break period between sessions to allow one session to safely leave prior to the next session arriving.  If you arrive early to your session, you must wait in your vehicle or away from the clubhouse.

19)  Rowers must arrive already changed into rowing attire and ready for training (as changerooms are still officially closed).  Only bring what you need for training. Bags or other items are not permitted to be left within the clubrooms whist you train, however as a last resort they may be left neatly and unobtrusively in Bay 1 until the end of your session.

Access and security of ERC for sculling sessions

20)  Access the clubhouse only from the roller doors and rear stairs.  Do not access the clubrooms from the main stairs.  If you are the 1st member at the club, you will need to turn the alarm off.  You can do this from the main entrance.  Once the alarm is off, enter the boat shed from bay 3. 

21)  Only use the rear stairs if you need to go to the toilet.  Follow the designated path to the toilets.  Male toilets will be the function room toilets.  Female toilets will be the function/members toilet. 

22)  All speedboats, boat trolleys, and bike racks are to be put back into the boatshed whilst you are out training.  Only slings may be left out.

23)  All rowers and safety officers are to ensure that the padlock for bay 3 roller door is always on the outside, and that all roller doors are locked during each training session.

24)  Use of the gym, gym equipment, or ergometers is not permitted under any circumstances.  All warm-up/cool-down/stretching activities must be done outside.  Each sculler must bring their own equipment for warm-up/cool-down/stretching, and this equipment must be taken home at the end of every session.

25)  If training in a squad, scullers are only to access the Clubhouse when a coach is present.

26)  Areas of the clubhouse that are still out of bounds:

a)      Gym and weights equipment

b)     Captains Room (unless direct access has been approved by Captain)

c)      Changerooms (this includes showers)

d)     Bar, Kitchen, Office and storage areas

e)      Function floor area (except for delineated walkways)

f)      Any furniture (upstairs or downstairs)

g)     Club bicycles

Cleaning and sanitation

27)  Each member using the club is required to:

a)      Disinfect any surface you touch including door handles and taps

b)     Thoroughly clean with warm soapy water all rowing equipment used including oars, boats, boat seats, riggers. 

28)  The Clubhouse must be locked at all times when on the water.  This includes locking all roller doors.  This will prevent access to the Clubhouse by unauthorized persons.

  • 29)  Each rower/coach attending ERC must thoroughly wash and dry their hands both before and after their training session.  Avoid touching door handles and handrails where possible. 

ERC will provide hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes to ensure you can comply with these strict rules. 

Buckets/soap/shammy’s will also be provided, but we highly recommend that you provide your own cleaning products to further reduce the risk of possible contamination.

Before heading to the club, ask yourself the following questions:

a)      Have you returned from travel interstate or overseas in the last 14 days?

b)     Have you been be in close contact* with anyone who has returned from overseas travel in the last 14 days?

  • c)      Have you had any symptoms of the flu, virus or any other illness (i.e fever, tiredness, sore throat, cough)?
  • d)     Have you come into close contact* with anyone who is a confirmed case of COVID-19 or with someone that is awaiting testing?

If you answered YES to ANY of these four questions you must stay home and follow Victorian Government COVID-19 requirements.

We understand that these restrictions and rules are very demanding, but unfortunately, in these times, these are the requirements that we must adhere to in order to comply with MVCC, RV and State Government COVID-19 requirements.

Failure to comply will see the club closed.  Do not spoil this privilege and opportunity for others! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Club Captain – Mark Dwyer ( or Tim Juzefowicz ( or mobile 0418 170 583).

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